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NZ Insurance Market Trends Update – September 2022

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W+K has just released the latest issue of our NZ Insurance Market Trends Update. It explores emerging legal and claims trends impacting insurers, underwriters, brokers and corporates operating in the New Zealand market.

In this edition, we look at significant developments and issues across financial lines, casualty, property & energy, healthcare, and cyber & technology.

We highlight new trends in long-standing issues, such as the recent focus in D&O claims on directors’ liability when their company is financially distressed, the risks associated with an increased use of structural engineers to strengthen earthquake-prone buildings, and exposures for accountants and lawyers with regard to the bright-line property rule.

We also look at emerging issues, such as condensation claims, claims by workers who are forced to return to the office post-lockdowns, and the potential Income Insurance Scheme.

You can download a copy of the update here.

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