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Property, Construction & Energy

Expertise overview and services

Property, Construction & Energy

In property, construction and energy claims, the stakes are typically high. Our experienced team is called on to advise on first party property, business interruption and contingent business interruption, industrial special risks and contract works claims. These span the rail, infrastructure, construction, commercial, real estate, energy, power generation, mining and oil & gas sectors.

We also advise on related third party commercial liability matters, as well as pollution, environmental, political and cyber risks.


Insurance coverage disputes in property, construction and energy require experienced lawyers who know how to assess technical and operational challenges and unravel the complex interplay between insurance policies addressing property, construction and energy risks. Our expertise is enhanced by the skills of the expert witnesses in our network.

Claims defence 

Our experienced team advises on all property and energy insurance-related claims, including construction and contract works and commercial liability claims. In the energy sector, we also advise on environmental and political risk claims, as well as claims involving upstream, midstream and downstream activities.


From the moment there is a loss, we work with insurers to ask the right questions, preserve property for analysis, advise on the experts needed, protect privileged information, and assess subrogation prospects. Where recovery action is available, we work to achieve successful subrogation outcomes as quickly as possible.

Our experience

We act for insurers in some of the world’s largest property, construction and energy claims, including multi-billion claims involving on and offshore facilities.

“Our Property, Construction & Energy teams are highly ranked in Legal 500 and Chambers.”

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