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Cyber, Privacy & Data Security

Expertise overview and services

Cyber breach response solutions

Globally, there has been a dramatic increase in the sophistication, scale and impact of cyber-attacks and the prevalence of data breaches – a trend that will only continue. Cyber breach risks flow as freely across borders around the world as information does. While these risks are a global issue for insurers, brokers and their customers, the impacts are always felt locally. If a breach occurs, the last thing you want is a delayed response. That’s why we provide a seamless, swift global cyber breach response that’s delivered locally by lawyers with cyber expertise. From the moment a breach is discovered, we can help contain, manage and mitigate exposures. We also offer the full range of pre and post-breach services.

Cyber Breach Hotlines

Our Cyber Breach Hotlines connect you to our local cyber specialists 24/7 in your time zone. Getting us involved early means we can swiftly triage the crisis, advise on notification requirements and instruct any specialists needed.

Legal advice

If a cyber breach occurs, decisions made immediately afterwards can significantly affect the outcome for insureds. We provide legal advice to contain, manage and mitigate global cyber breaches. This always considers compliance obligations in each affected jurisdiction, as well as commercial and reputational issues.

Breach coach services

We provide a coordinated advisory service to organisations seeking to assess, review and improve their information security across the range of privacy and data breaches and cyber security threats. These include threats from cyber criminals launching ransomware and phishing attacks, and those caused by rogue employees.

Cyber breach secure data platforms

Traditional methods of communications and information sharing are often not fit for purpose when it comes to a cyber or data crisis, particularly when existing systems are compromised. To address this issue, we offer secure online data platforms that can host privileged information and be accessible 24/7 to approved personnel.

DataRisk specialist network

We regularly instruct our global network of DataRisk specialists, including specialists in IT forensics, call centres, credit services, PR and loss adjustment. Our involvement protects privileged communications and ensures priority actions get attention. We are independent from the network and regularly work with clients’ preferred vendors.

Our experience

Collectively, our award-winning teams have worked on thousands of cyber breach responses spanning the range of claim types for insurers, brokers and insureds. These include some of the most significant data breaches seen in key jurisdictions.

“These were uncharted waters for us… The outcome was the best we could have hoped for.”

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