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The book, edited by Dr. Theo Langheid, former named partner of BLD Bach Langheid Dallmayr, addresses the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, focussing on aspects of insurance and liability law. Besides editor Dr. Theo Langheid, a total of 14 BLD insurance experts analyse different areas from infection protection to law of obligations to the individual insurance sectors.

Dr. Alexander Beyer | Health Insurance

Dr. Jendrik Böhmer, LL.M. | Process and Backgrounds, Infection Protection Law, Liability Insurance

Christina Eckes | Travel Insurance

Dr. Joachim Grote | Law of Obligations, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Reinsurance, Insurance Supervision Law and Insurance Company Law

Prof. Dr. Dirk-Carsten Günther | Insurance against Business Interruption

Carsten Hösker, LL.M. | Infection Protection Law, Liability Insurance

Jan Kordes, LL.M. | D&O-Insurance

Dr. Theo Langheid | Laws on General Terms and Conditions

Dr. Tobias Mergner | Aspects of Personal Injury

Dr. Martin Schaaf | Law of Obligations, Life Insurance, Insurance Supervision Law and Insurance Company Law

Björn Seitz | Contingency Insurance

Dr. Thorsten Süß | Health

Dr. Sven-Markus Thiel | Contingency Insurance

Cornelius Maria Thora | Health

Fabian Triesch | Reinsurance

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