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International Women’s Day 2021

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To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, Alexander Holburn, BLD Bach Langheid Dallmayr, DAC Beachcroft, Wilson Elser and Wotton + Kearney have joined together to create a series of daily videos highlighting leading women across our network and their achievements.

You may have seen the videos on LinkedIn which includes our Legalign firm leaders introducing the series on why International Women’s Day is so important. The videos cover a range of themes including women’s involvement in the legal profession, leading through the pandemic, remote working, supporting other women in their careers and how we define success.

Why is International Women’s Day so important? (3:21)

What would you change about women’s involvement in the legal profession? (2:53)

Leading through the pandemic (4:26)

Working remotely (5:12)

Supporting other women (4:18)

Definition of success (3:59)

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