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Deep Dive on Inclusion Survey Report 2021

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Wotton + Kearney has again joined forces with Liberty Specialty Markets and ANZIIF to investigate how experiences of workplace inclusion are affecting the insurance industry.

More than 400 ANZIIF members and industry participants shared their views on inclusion via the online survey to inform our Deep Dive on Inclusion Survey Report 2021.

The report is written by Dr Jennifer Whelan, Director of Psynapse Psychometrics, a leading expert on inclusion. It highlights that inclusion remains an important issue for the insurance industry, particularly given the broader work-related challenges we have all continued to face during the pandemic.

Our third annual survey also looks at the 2021 Dive In Festival theme of ‘Active Allyship and Empowerment’ and the important role we all have to play in turning our good intentions into impactful actions. This includes a practical checklist on ways we can each become an “Active Ally”.

Active Allyship and Empowerment checklist infographic

We thank Liberty Specialty Markets, ANZIIF and everyone who completed the survey for their help to keep a spotlight on diversity and inclusion in the Australian insurance industry.

You can download a PDF of the full report here.

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