Insurance Defence

Very little in today's "flat" hyper-connected world moves without some form of insurance. Whilst country-specific statutes and regulations anchor the dealings between insurance carriers and their insureds, globalisation of the industry continues to accelerate, complicating traditional resolutions. Third-party claims in virtually every industry transcend country borders creating an array of multijurisdictional issues. Moreover, they are increasingly granted class status, propelling stakes to exorbitant levels.  

The law firms of Legalign Global—individually and now collectively—regard insurance defence as the cornerstone of their offering. Our lawyers handle claims across all lines of commercial insurance and reinsurance business in four key global regions. Included amongst our clients are the leading international insurance carriers and many of the Fortune Global 500 organisations they insure.

Our firms maintain a shared commitment to truly understanding not only our clients’ legal obligations but also their business structures—including capital, operational and regulatory challenges. We also recognise the importance of key customer/broker relationships to the insurers and the industries in which they operate, and we approach litigation defence accordingly.

With respect to claims handling, each of the firms is guided by a common Client Service Charter, allowing them to coordinate responses for clients more easily and within an agreed set of claims-management principles. Clients can expect adherence to uniformly high standards by these “best-in-region” law firms and levels of efficiency unlikely to be replicated by a loose confederation of independent law firms. They also can expect an understanding of challenges faced by claims departments superior to that of consulting firms, which have a purely business-oriented focus.

Our alliance is of particular value and efficacy to global clients vulnerable to cyber breaches. Given our multiple locations, we are better able to sort through the complex technical and legal issues that characterise cybersecurity and formulate uniform responses with respect to related claims handling and risk management.

Should matters rise to multiparty status, our firms have the collective wherewithal and experience to oppose and defeat class certification and achieve early dismissals. With a deep understanding of settlement principles internationally, a team comprising lawyers from any or all of our member firms inserts itself into the management of related processes and documents, conducts early assessment, determines probable risk, establishes budget controls and, if warranted, informs crisis communications strategy. Acknowledging that international class actions can easily move from distracting to unmanageable to crippling, this kind of coordinated multifront defence is of critical importance.

To the extent that experience in other practices will help advance our clients’ objectives, we draw on the vast “intellectual capital” residing amongst the more than 2,000 lawyers within the member firms of the alliance, representing more than 100 service areas across the sectors in which insurance customers operate. This cross-practice collaboration spawns innovative resolutions to various insurance defence matters—multiparty and otherwise—and generates considerable cost and time efficiencies that are passed along to our respective clients.

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