Insurance Defence

Very little in today's "flat" hyper-connected world moves without some form of insurance.  Whilst country-specific statutes and regulations anchor the dealings between insurance carriers and their insureds, globalisation of the industry continues to accelerate, complicating traditional resolutions. Third-party claims in virtually every industry transcend country borders creating an array of multijurisdictional issues. Moreover, they are increasingly granted class status, propelling stakes to exorbitant levels.  

The law firms of Legalign Global—individually and now collectively—regard insurance defence as the cornerstone of their offering. Our lawyers handle claims across all lines of commercial insurance and reinsurance business in four key global regions. Included amongst our clients are the leading international insurance carriers and many of the Fortune Global 500 organisations they insure.

Our firms maintain a shared commitment to truly understanding not only our clients’ legal obligations but also their business structures—including capital, operational and regulatory challenges. We also recognise the importance of key customer/broker relationships to the insurers and the industries in which they operate, and we approach litigation defence accordingly.

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