Insurance Coverage

The insurance industry is navigating uncharted territory. Cyber vulnerabilities, the burgeoning internet of things, new disruptive technologies and the rise of “collaborative consumption” business models present unforeseen coverage issues that can range from simple annoyances to crippling litigation. Depth of coverage is matched in kind by geographic breadth as policies address the regulatory requirements of multiple countries. New and frequently shifting regulations must be continually tracked and to the extent that they transcend national borders, can present significant adherence challenges.

The member firms of Legalign Global are recognized leaders in insurance coverage and related claims. With collective experience in virtually all lines of business, they represent a broad spectrum of primary and excess insurers and reinsurers.

Acknowledging that each engagement is unique, our member firms work collaboratively with our clients in developing customised, cost-effective resolutions to coverage cases. We help with specific strategies that are appropriate to the dispute and work with clients to establish goals. These may include aggressive defence of our client’s position, alternative dispute resolution or regulatory counsel. We also adapt policy wording and underwriting models to align with new market risks and technologies.

Our firms are able to bring to bear a breadth and depth of perspective to mitigate the complexities that frequently arise in global insurance disputes. This cross-firm connectivity helps ensure a singular, cohesive position for clients represented in different venues on similar issues. It also allows us to consult with colleagues worldwide whose distinct backgrounds and experience can make the difference in preparation of coverage analyses and drafting and refining insurance policies.

From a regulatory standpoint, member firms enjoy extensive experience representing life insurance and annuity product manufacturers, product and casualty insurers and distributors, and related service providers. We assist clients in forming insurers, reinsurers, captives or risk retention groups and re-domesticating companies from foreign jurisdictions. We also advise clients on product design, licensing, distribution and administrative issues; advocate for them before industry regulators; and assist them in addressing audits, examinations and other compliance-related matters before national and global governments and authorities.

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