Written by John Shepperd and Elvia Hague on July 24th, 2018

Opioid Litigation in Texas and the United States

The introduction of oxycodone HCI and similar “controlled release” narcotics has profoundly changed the scope and nature of opioid litigation. Accelerated by aggressive marketing campaigns and unscrupulous practices, Texas and other U.S. states are besieged by an opioid epidemic that shows no sign of abating. 

The current wave of opioid litigation primarily involves state and local governments attempting to recoup from Big Pharma manufacturers and distributors the costs expended to battle this epidemic. Similar lawsuits by individuals claiming malpractice are beginning to gain traction as the plaintiffs’ bar seeks to replicate recent successes enjoyed by governmental entities.   

In this article, Wilson Elser attorneys John Shepperd and Elvia Hague discuss opioid litigation in Texas and the United States, how Big Pharma is being harshly judged in the court of public opinion, and the likelihood that lawsuits will increasingly impact individual prescribers and the pharmacies that do their bidding.

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