Client Services Charter

Legalign Global member firms closely adhere to an agreed set of claims management principles. As a client, you can expect uniformly high levels of service regardless of geographic scope and complexity.

The member firms achieve this by:

  • Providing a dedicated team. A dedicated team is able to develop and share a deep understanding of each client’s business philosophy and service standards. We understand that timelines and service standards are crucial.
  • Focusing the work at the right level, subject to necessary supervision. Recognising the need to continuously improve our work practices, ensure greater consistency and cost efficiency, and produce more repeatable workflows, we use strong case management and tested workflow systems.  
  • Ensuring accurate reporting at the outset of the matter, including reserving. Our experience is that optimum handling of claims occurs with initial clear and concise legal advice so that all engaged in the claim decision-making process have a detailed understanding of the merits of a given matter and how it should be handled. Our reporting is designed to focus on the critical issues, the cost of claims and their management to resolution in a timely fashion. Acknowledging the impact on our clients’ actuarial calculations, we appreciate the importance of accurate reserving for claims payments and legal costs.

  • Backing our expertise. Our lawyers are experienced insurance practitioners who understand what it takes to run claims to an effective conclusion. Our lawyers know the local laws, courts and authorities and are steeped in the culture in their respective jurisdictions. The conduct of a matter will reflect each client’s objectives and will be conducted in accordance with our Key Performance Indicators agreed with our clients.
  • Keeping our eye on the big picture. Our goal always is to reduce claims spend and to effectively represent each client with their insured customers. We understand the broad context in which early resolution of claims is the desired outcome.
  • Demonstrating efficiency and communicating reliably. We understand the importance of meeting service requirements and acting in each client’s best interests. We are particularly conscious about the need to conduct a planning conference, therefore there is always dialogue between the member firm and our client to:
    • Respond to changing business needs.
    • Confirm the likely claims defence costs.
    • Confirm the desired claims objectives.
  • Effectively managing costs. We understand the need to effectively manage costs incurred when working with lawyers.